Last week, I posted Reponsive Role-Playing: A Proposal, basically a draft of "best practices" for RPG groups with some ideas for how to ensure that those practices actually happen consistently.

It turns out, that last bit is often the hardest thing about best practices: doing them consistently. Once we've found activities that improve our game, how do we make those automatic?

Here's an end-of-session checklist that should help. It includes areas for session notes, new NPCs encountered, and questions to ask at the end of the session, like:

  • What were our favorite moments in the session?
  • Where did the session drag or confuse the group?
  • Are all the characters making appropriate progress towards their personal goals (recognizing that this will fluctuate)?
  • Are there any new plot threads to track?
  • When is our next session?

Responsive RPG template

Download the Responsive RPG template here

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