I'm taking inspiration from the classes in the recently released Xanathar's Guide to Everything for this week's faction. Today we come to the bard, and the College of Shadows leaps out to me.

Every few months, leaflets and town criers announce another performance by the Angel's Chorus, a locally famous troupe of five singers. They perform musical theater and penny operas at open-air theaters for appreciative crowds, mostly merchant families.

However, the five bards who make up the Angel's Chorus--Elyse, Jason, Tomas, and the twins Cara and Sara--are College of Shadow bards with a big secret.

As a friendly faction, they seek out and infiltrate shady organizations like necromantic cults and colluding merchants. Once learning enough about an organization, a masked and cloaked member of the Chorus meets with the authorities, and reveals the organization's secrets in return for anonymity, much like a costumed superhero.

They will frequently use adventurers to find evidence of a particular group's nefarious activities, such as recovering stolen goods hidden in a cave or rescuing a prisoner kept in an old warehouse.

As a foe faction, each member of the Chorus was wronged by members of the current regime (local or national). They've been careful to take new names and stay as far as possible from their old identities and pasts, though revenge for these wrongs still drives them. Elyse is the most maniacally driven, while the twins are relatively laid back, taking part in the group's plans more because they find them interesting.

The Chorus are purposefully infiltrating a large number of secret organizations, and they plan to use this knowledge to destabilize and ultimately destroy the current government. They don't particularly care what comes next, as long as those currently in power pay for their crimes.

Members of the Angel's Chorus live out of rooms in the basement of the Old Mug Tavern, a map of which is included below. If confronting any member of the Chorus, PCs are likely to do it here, and one complication lies in the Chorus's popularity. They try to remain in public as much as possible, so any showdown is likely to occur with a crowd that will automatically side with the Chorus. If the PCs aren't careful, they'll quickly get overrun by fans (and, shortly, the town watch).

Tavern map

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