Reading an anime post from 20 years ago about what franchises would survive 10 years later.

Here's the post:

Re: What anime will we still be watching 10 years from now?

Isaac Kuo


(snipped list of popular anime series of the time: Escaflowne, Evangelion, Gundam Wing, and Utena)

But would you guys be watching any of these 10 years from now? 10 years from now, all of those series will be long over, and you will have already seen them in their entirety as many times as you can take (except maybe Utena).

Very few anime series have multi-decade endurance.

Sazae-san is IMO on its last legs (the death of its creator), but no one here watches it anyway.

Lupin III has passed through its first really major hurdle (the death of Yamada Yasuo); if he can be replaced anyone can. It's possible Lupin III will still be around 10 years from now.

What about younger shows?

Gundam--I don't know if this one can make another 10 years. I wouldn't count it out, but as of right now I wouldn't be even money on it. In any case, if it's around it will be some sort of Shin Gundam OJ series in some alternate universe/timeline unrelated to anything we've seen.

Macross--I'd give Macross about the same odds as Gundam. It's currently more successful, but doesn't have the sheer force of Bandai behind it.

City Hunter--This show might become the next Lupin III. The recent City Hunter Specials suggest it might. OTOH, how old is Kamiya Akira getting? I'd bet even money on it being around 10 years from now, but that's mostly just my personal bias.

Kimagure Orange Road--This would be a long shot. I don't think there's anywhere near enough support for one movie a year, especially 10 years from now. I'd bet against it, although the ShinKOR movie was a pleasant shock.

Dragonball--I don't think so. With the disappointment of Dragonball GT, it shows it can't outlive the end of the manga much.

Sailor Moon--I doubt it. In a real sense, Cutey Honey F should be called the sequel to Sailor Stars (have you SEEN it?). However, since everyone seems to have jumped onto other projects, I don't see anyone reviving this series.

Tenchi Muyou--No way. Not 10 years.

Slayers--I'd bet against it. I would guess its popularity cycle will more or less follow Sailor Moon's, which would imply its number is up before another full decade.

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