The Rabat have lived in the desert for millennia. Their ancient myths claim that they originally lived in floating cities, but they are known for overseeing an empire of stone cities filled with tall pyramids. Two millennia ago, their civilization crumbled, and they now live as nomads and herders, typically in clans of a few dozen individuals. Every few generations, a clan leader will attempt to reclaim a half-buried pyramid city and return the rabat to their former glory, but none have yet succeeded.

These tripeds adapt quickly to changing trends, their hard carapaces protecting them from errant sand and dust. They dress in relatively drab clothes, partly for decoration and partly for further protection from sandstorms and other harsh weather.

Their preferred weapon is their ubiquitous electro-spear, which they use both as cattle prod and weapon of war. It even holds a religious significance; when a rabat dies and is buried, its spear is broken, then driven into the ground as a grave marker.


This creature is based on the above gorgeous piece of art by Jean "Moebius" Giraud. It's more of an NPC race than a creature, so in statting it up, I don't want to give it a crazy amount of innate powers.

I based this on the knight, since I want a relatively powerful humanoid, though I ended up powering it down significantly to a CR 3 creature. It uses its electro-spear for both melee and ranged attacks, and has several abilities making it hardy in the desert, as well as darkvision.

OK, let's stat it up!

Stat block

View the art for this monster here

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